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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The fat bitch is back


I have really left posting for a while, sorry! The wedding has come and gone. It went fine, a bit quick, and that day that suited me fine. Only a couple days after I wished I could do it again but now more relaxed and enjoying it. But uf! The photos... I had not lost any weight, and I haven't really took a lot of pics of myself in the last couple of years (since I put on the weight). But seeing my body, my face, I just couldn't get over it. That was me. That is how everyone sees me. And I just don't like it one bit. It does seem that the diet did not give me that push to lose weight. But I am so sure that the damn wedding pics will. So back at square one I start. WW is the diet. I will be editing my page a little to suit my new plan of action.

I'll write soon

love Eli

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Diet? Me?

Where have I been? Well... Not far. Its less than 2 weeks to the big day. I have been on a diet the past week. And have lost a couple of kilos, but no where near my goal. On Saturday I weighed 86.2. But now its Sunday night and I feel like I weigh 20 kilos more. All I want at the moment really is too look my best for the big day. So I want to stick to my diet this last week, eat healthy food and drink water to improve skin and hair, and then I shall have to take it from there. It only takes a few days of diet to look and feel better, thats how generous a diet really is.

I have my dress. I will upload some pics after the wedding. Just need shoes, bag and shawl at the moment. These things I am not so bothered about, and it doesn't stress me. But the dress... bless the day I found it. I went in a couple of wedding shops a month ago. They only had two extremes: bright and gordy clothes, and church wedding dresses. I mean, I am having a civil service. I want something white, cream, elegant. I did find something sort of in this theme, with an elastic waist band. So I said to the shop assistant: I am going to try this and she said "It will not fit you" I went out of the shop like a fat pretty woman, head down. I had been leaving buying the dress to the last moment, thinking of being as thin as possible. Now a month was left and I couldn't find anything. But, I then went in a little boutique. I didn't know they catered for weddings buy they did. I found some fancy creamy dresses in bigger sizes. And one just looked right. The shop assistent was so helpful as well. That was a great lift of my mind. It's quite stretchy so it looks good and better now that I have lost a few kilos. I hope to lose a bit more. Now I can actually diet better. The stress has been lifted and I am happier. :) take care all

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Week 1, day 3

Well, lets start with my diet. I went to weigh myself this morning, and joy of joys, I am 88.7 kilos, again under the 90's (forever? I bloody hope so). If I keep to WW I might even able to get near 75 kilos by the wedding! Great! But, other issues are on my mind. I might be changing jobs (going to teach in another school) and for tops I have very high anxiety. I don't know what to do for the best, and in a muddle, but I will try not to let it affect my diet. However today I ate only crisps, not many and some lolly pops (points, don't know, but as I only ate crisps, and not that many I think under 18).I will calculate the points tomorrow. Haven't drank the water, but I did have a 20 minute walk. So, lets see if I can get my life straight without my diet suffering. If I can tomorrow I will talk more about it.

Take care all


Week 1, day 2

These were week 1, day 2 points:

pasta with tuna and corn (7)
two minikitkats (4)
cheese rice cakes x 6 (3)
yoghurt (1.5)
15.5 points out of 18 allowed

water (1 out of 8) (crap)

walk : 20 minutes (not bad)

I will write more above on Week 1, day 3

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Week 1, day 1

The ball is rolling, the diet has begun. I have started counting my points, drinking my water (yes I have drunk all my 8 glasses). It all even seems effortless. Why? I am sure the photos, may I mention them again, have geared me in the right direction: a one-track mind with one idea, losing weight so not to look such a fat pig! The nice thing I find about dieting when you are motivated is that it can be quite fun and exciting. Not the actual being hungry and sweating with exercise, but the feeling that slimness is not that faraway now, that steps are being made. All of a sudden it seems more of a reality, or possible reality, and less of a lazy dream. I honestly woke up this morning excited. I couldn't think what it was, but I knew something good was happening. I then remembered, I am on a diet! (I must admit this threw me a bit as I couldn't first classify this as exciting and checked my mind for something more exciting like winning the lottery or a party). Yes, I am going to lose my weight, and its going to be fun (Am I mad? )
Anyway, here goes Spain's points:

potato pure (3 points) {Atleast in Spain, with WW you can eat as many potatoes you want for 2 points}
bread (3 points)
4 very mini kitkats (8 points)
cus cus (4 points)
18 points of 18 allowed

So, back to work (school) today after nearly 3 weeks holiday. I feel rested, but having had a bad cold I don't feel as rested as I could have been. I would have quite happily continued to do nothing and laze around with my cats, but in a way I suppose I do want to get back: see my workmates, the children (I bet I won't be saying that by Friday). Anyway, see how it goes. I am looking at the menu on the webpage, and chips are on it. I think I am going to make myself something and eat it in an empty classroom. I don't trust myself yet! I was thinking of doing quite a lot of pack lunches this year unless when there are things that I don't make at home like fish and lentils. Wish me luck


Saturday, January 07, 2006

Three months to go: the official diet start.

Sure so. 3 months from this very day, I will be in my wedding frock having the happiest day of my life. So no better day to officially start my diet than today. I did want to go and weight myself this morning, but I overslept, and then it was too late. I think I may have lost a kilo or so since the last weighing, but as I am not sure, I am going to put 91.5 as my official starting weight. I have changed my goals. In three months I can hardly lose more than 12 kilos (about 1 kilo a week), so my aim is to weigh 70 something kilos (the something being more near than the 80 than anything else). This is going to mean strong dieting. There is no going back. I can't look fat (or at least, not as fat as I do now ) on the photos that will be in my photoalbum and house for life) I have been quite good at christmas, and I am sure I haven't put anything on,on the contrary, I am sure I have lost a kilo or so, (my homescales show this), but anyway, I will weigh myself next saturday and see.

I have updated my photos so please take a look. I am quite horrified how fat I look. My belly! I don't know if its because they are a bit closer the photos than the other ones taken in March 2005, as its hard to believe that a couple of kilos can make such a difference. Whatever, it is a great incentive, I just DON'T want to be like that. (I've not stopped sipping water since I had the pictures took). I want to update the photos each 2 weeks. Oh dear, hope the next one look better. So tomorrow the official counting will start. I am a bit rusty at counting points, but it needs to be done. I will be posting frequently. Wish my luck all, the journey begins...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Starting the year

2006. A year when many things can happen, and one for certain: I am getting married. The ticker says that there is only 3 months a few days to go... not a lot of time to get myself in shape. I am still on holiday so next week I will go and weigh myself. I haven't been dieting all the timem,but I haven't pigged myself either (very good for christmas) so I have the hope of having lost a kilo or something.

Loretta: I note the hotmail address, but I must say that I am CRAP at getting down and writing an email (I don't have messenger either). For me it would be ideal that we both post a lot in eachother blogs. By the way, I don't like the sound at all about the liquid diet. I always think those sort of diets are bad moves, and that you end up putting the weight back on. I truely believe in eating less and exercising more, it's hard, it's slow, but it works.

When the flat got stolen we lost the digital camera, buuuut we bought a new one for xmas, a better one actually, so I will get some photos taken on the day I weigh myself and post them.

Being traditional, I have made my year resolutions:

1. Get to my goal weight.
2. Be more active, stronger, and my own "safe person"
3. Exercise
4. Medidate
5. Be tidier and more organised.
6. Take my makeup off at night, and generally take more care of my appearance.
7. keep this blog up to date

Well, let's see if I keep it up


Friday, December 16, 2005


Not a good week. It all started on Monday when I got back from work. The first think I noticed was that the cats (we have two) were not there to greet us. The second thing that a moneybox in shape of a cat was tossed on the sofa with the contents spilt out. My first thought was that my partner had arrived before me and that he had needed some change. But as I entered the bedroom I found all the drawers upturned on the bed, on the floor, all over. I have never had an experience like this and it was very shocking. I couldn't stop crying, especially when I couldn't find one of my cats. At first I thought they had took my engagement ring, but I found it later tossed on the floor. The only seemed to have took a portable computer (which didn't work, saved me a trip to the bin) and a camera (that did work). But it was very upseting. We put loads of extra security on door and windows, because there was not much else we could do. The cats seemed to have forgotten it, as they were very upset on the day it happened. I have not kept to my diet, with the mental excuse of being upset about the burgulary. Then today I have gastrointeritis (probably from eating like a pig) and I feel SO ill. I've sat here writing to see if this would distract me, but I can feel a wave of nau*** coming on. Take care all